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fajar gemilang semesta

General Civil Works
Road, Bridges and Harbors
Building, Factories and Plants
Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation

fajar gemilang semesta

Steel Structures, Multi Storey Structure
Storage Tanks, Silos, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger

fajar gemilang semesta

Design Engineering for Structural Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation
Shop drawings and as build drawings

fajar gemilang semesta
Supply & Trading

Piping, Valves, Flanges
Tools, Hardware, Machinery & Industrial Equipments

Our Company

PT. Fajar Gemilang Semesta was established in 1990. Looking at the continuous increasing amount of building construction, infra structure construction, oil & gas industry, and other energy related construction in Indonesia for the last three decades proves that the industry has been actively developing, which fulfills and supports the needs for the economic growth. As toward the optimistic future of the nation, PT. FAJAR GEMILANG SEMESTA evolves and firmly positions in the market industry especially in this 31th group anniversary.
A keystone for our 31 years existence is our customer orientation in which our solid commitment to build and nurture quality relationship with each of our client as clearly indicated with our proven tracks and shown by increasing number of clients entrusting us to award their important projects over these 31 years.